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Julie Cylla, BBA, CBA

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Hi, I'm Julie. My sister Patricia and I have been decorating for family and friends for years, but not with balloons. Not professionally as a business. When it came time to find the perfect balloon artist for my sister Patty's first baby shower in 2002, I simply couldn't find an artist that was into the giant sculptures that I envisioned and wanted. At least not locally. You see, I have never seen a large balloon sculpture outside of what I envisioned for the baby shower. Somehow, I new it was possible if I could find that creative person that thought outside the box like me. Nope! we settled for the famous 3 balloons and a weight for the balloon decor. My vision vanished! It wasn't until my sister and I were purchasing party supplies from a local whole seller that I stumbled across a balloon magazine called Image. I was speechless and motionless because I saw for the first time that my vision of giant balloon sculptures actually existed. I read every word in that magazine and found information on taking balloon classes. Yelp, that's a thing!

I started searching around for local balloon classes and found balloon courses 101 & 102 at a local community College. I finished the basic courses, but I needed more because I wanted to create the impossible someday. I starting attending balloon workshops, seminars and conventions across the country. It wasn't until 2007, after 4 years of training, that I decided to obtain a CBA certification. To date, I continue to train to keep up with new skills and the industry trends so that when a client approaches me with a vision "outside the box" and what seems impossible. I'll be the perfect balloon artist to create their vision! 

Patricia "Patty" Boynton

Creative Design Director

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Hi, I'm Patty.  Julie and I have produced some amazing designs through the years. My background extends to a Certified Event Planner, which I retired from to raise my new baby girl Kelly. I do plan to regain my position as an Event Planner, but for now, I want to enjoy my High School teenager. I am Top Notch Balloon Creations Creative Director and I bring with my strong customer service skills, my creative flair for fastinking and attention to details. 

I'm a strong believer that you get what you pay for and what you value. We value our customers and we have the best customers. We treat our customer's events as if it were our own. They trust our insight on making their decor unique. My job is to ensure that your vision is met with our skills, resources and professionalism. 

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